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Melbourne, VIC


N O R T H   A M E R I C A

Brunch and Coffee

Plow | San Francisco

One of my favorite brunch spots when I go to San Francisco. In a city with so much good food, this place stands out. 

Revolver Coffee | Vancouver

Beyond the Starbucks and Tim Hortons shops lies some pretty good coffee in Vancouver. Revolver is one of the best there is.  

Matchstick Coffee | Vancouver

Vancouver has a lot of Starbucks and Tim Hortons but we do have great independent coffee shops too. 

Coffee Bar | Vancouver

In historic and almost European like Gas Town in Vancouver, you would expect to find some good coffee. 

Midday and beyond

Sushi Yasuda | New York

The best sushi in North America we have ever had. Easily. This is as close as it gets to the quality we got in Japan. 

Ad Hoc | Napa Valley

Thomas Keller may be known for the French Laundry but Ad Hoc was surprisingly comforting and definitely delicious. 

Sushi Sam | San Francisco

Sushi Sams was my intro to high end sushi. And even after having been to Japan, this restaurant reminds us of how good the quality is on this side of the pond. 

Shiro's | Seattle

A gem in Seattle, this was our favorite sushi restaurant in the Northwest. Ever seen Jiro's Dreams of Sushi? His apprentice opened this shop.  

A U S T R A L I A   A N D   A S I A

Brunch and Coffee

Slow Pokes | Melbourne

Brunch in the hip suburb, Fitzroy. Melbourne is chalk full of good brunch options and this ranks up there. 

BBB | Melbourne

Brother Baba Budan Coffee in Melbourne is unassuming. No logos, no signage - just amazing coffee.  

Hammer&Tong | Melbourne

Fitzroy is chalk full of brunch spots and this one is a notable. Fantastic coffee at a spot where soft shell crabs are one of their specialties? We're in. 

Patricias | Melbourne

Coffee is Melbourne is really as good as they say it is. Arguably home to some of the best coffee I have had. 

Manchester Press | Melbourne

Melbourne does lunch right. We have been here more than a few times but the bagels just don't get old. 

LB2 | Melbourne

The start to the morning is never complete for me without making a stop at LB2 for coffee. 

Proud Mary | Melbourne

One of our favorite brunch spots in Melbourne to date. Proud Mary's delivers. 

Cumulus Inc | Melbourne

One of the more well known places in Melbourne for brunch, we had a chance to try it out and give it our thoughts. 

Midday and beyond


Sushi Iwa | Tokyo

A meal that changed our definition of great sushi forever.  

Shorain | Kyoto

I never thought of tofu as being the key to a gourmet meal... until this.  

Daisan Harumi | Tokyo

Our first meal in Japan brought us to this local favorite. It was high end but was it transcendent? 

Sushi Dai | Tokyo

Sushi at 5am in the morning? We weren't the only ones crazy enough to give this a try... 

The Town Mouse | Melbourne

Wonderful meal at a restaurant that is another example of Melbourne's great variety of cuisine.

Beef in Japan | Japan

Japan, who knew you could do beef so well? Had one of my favorite meals of all time here.