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Melbourne, VIC



We are a not so ordinary couple who come from different backgrounds but found lots of common ground in the things we love. By day, we are accountants turned advisors. We both went through many years of Uni then CASB before we became CA's in Canada. And no, we didn't go through all that schooling just to count beans.

Before moving to Seattle, we called Vancouver, Canada our home. We have each lived in various other places prior to that though, including Hong Kong, Montreal, London, and Melbourne. I wouldn't call us nomadic but we are grateful that we have had the chance to live in such amazing places.

The love of photography was originally Kelven's but Janice has picked it up too. It just so happens this hobby works hand in hand with our love of travel and food. We can mostly be found cooking up a storm at home, finding a new restaurant or cafe to try out, or in a different city, taking in the sights and sounds. We know we're not the only ones that enjoy those things so we're glad you came by!