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Melbourne, VIC

R E V O L V E R  C O F F E E

Les Petites Choses


Kelven Ng

People in Vancouver love to drink coffee. In fact, this becomes evident just before the morning rush hour as people are heading into their offices to start the day. You would think that a coffee cup is the most common unisex accessory there is. Coffee drinkers have a lot of options these days but this was not always the case. Starbucks and Tim Hortons have the most real estate in the city amongst coffee shops as you would expect in a Canadian city but you are starting to see independent cafes pop up.

Case in point, Revolver near Gas Town. This coffee shop is close by to Meat and Bread for those that know that amazing little sandwich shop but that's not all that it is known for. Revolver is small and unassuming. The interior is lined with a brick wall, booths and window seating with plenty of natural light. The coffee? Let's just say that they serve in my opinion one of the top 2 cups of coffee in Vancouver. Slow coffee is their specialty. If you're in the mood, you can opt for the filtered or siphoned variety. If you're feeling Aussie? They apparently also serve flat whites and long blacks!

I am not a Starbucks hater by any means. There is much better coffee in Vancouver... so if you have the time, explore. Revolver is just one of a few that might compare to coffee here in Melbourne.

325 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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