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Melbourne, VIC


N O R T H   A M E R I C A

Pacific Coast Highway | California

Our incredible drive from Napa Valley to Los Angeles along the coast gave us great sights along the way. 

New York | New York

Who hasn't wondered what Christmas was like in New York? It was as magical as the movies make it out to be. 

Napa Valley | California

In North America, the Napa Valley region has some of the best food and wine. This was a trip of indulgence in both! 


We had never been to Hawaii before but after this visit, we know that we will be back. 

San Francisco | California

Possibly my favorite city in the US. San Francisco always has sights to see, things to eat, and coffee to drink. Man, I would love to live here. 


Now we know why Hawaii is such a well traveled place. Country, beaches, sunsets, food. It was paradise. 


Cotswold | UK

Living in London wasn’t my most fond memory of living in Europe - it was traveling and seeing the countryside.


The first destination during our trip abroad after our wedding - Mykonos. 

Dubrovnik | Croatia

The mediterranean is one of my favorite places on earth. Croatia is one of the reasons why. 

Barcelona | Spain

Bustling, vibrant, and lively. The three words I would use to describe this city. Who doesn't love some sangria and spanish tapas? 

Santorini | greece

Who would have thought that a place would look just like the post cards? Santorini was just that place. 

London | UK

London was my home for a year and I miss it terribly in some ways. The tube, the pub culture, the multiculturalism - it was a city that you could not be bored in.  

Cinque Terre | Italy

Quite possibly my favorite place in Italy. There is something about this place that makes me want to go back every year. 

Ring of Kerry | Ireland

One of the most impressive and beautiful places I have ever been to. From the Guinness to the food to the incredible coast line views, Ireland is magical. 

tuscany | italy

My first trip to Tuscany took me through several small towns and incredible sights. 

Scotland | UK

Scotland isn't a land only known for hagges. I had the chance to do a roadtrip from Edinburgh to Glencoe to the Isle of Skye to the Loch Ness. 

Amalfi Coast | Italy

You're next to the Mediterranean Ocean in the summer and you're surrounded by towns perched up on the cliff side, you undoubtedly think about the Amalfi Coast. 


I had heard many a people say Florence is their favorite big city in Europe. I could see why after just 3 days here.  

Venice | italy

The first stop on our 2018 trip to Italy brought us to Venice where we saw the city of canals and much more.

A U S T R A L I A   A N D   A S I A

Melbourne | Australia

We officially moved from Vancouver and landed in Melbourne in August. We've since had a chance to explore this city that we now call home. 

Japan Overview | Japan

This past Christmas, we went to Japan where we enjoyed a cold, winter holiday with amazing food. 

Phuket | Thailand

We were in need of a vacation full of R&R. This trip provided it in spades with stays at both the Anantara and Sri Panwa. 

Great Ocean Road | Australia

Scenes as stunning as the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, the Twelve Apostles is the premier tourist attraction in Melbourne. 

Bali | Indonesia

Less than a week after landing in Australia, we decided to go on vacation. Luckily Bali is close by. 

Tokyo 2018 | Japan

Our second time in Tokyo, we spent approximately a week here during winter, eating our way through this incredible city. 

Sydney | Australia

In a weekend of firsts in Australia, we had a chance to visit the most well known city in the country. 

Hong Kong | Hong Kong

A trip back home with a week long stopover in Hong Kong. Food and heat, here we come! 


Known for its seafood and cold climate, winter was the only time, in our minds, to come to Hokkaido.