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Melbourne, VIC


Les Petites Choses


Kelven Ng

Some of you already know but I lived in London for about 10 months last year for work so this trip was not for the sake of seeing tourist attractions, it was just to catch up with friends. Still, when I arrived in Heathrow, it felt like I was returning to a place that I was very familiar with. Everything from the tube to the announcements over the PA system made it feel like I never really left.


The 365 project that I did eons ago helped force me to look at the ordinary things from a different perspective. Having lived in London for almost a year, it came as a bit of challenge to shoot well-known tourist attractions and the tube from a unique perspective. But going out there with a camera and giving it a try, I find that I sometimes find things that I didn’t even know was there. It makes you feel like you need to appreciate even the smaller things in life.

It was fun walking around town and seeing some of the more familiar places I used to frequent (ie. Covent Garden, Embankment, etc.). Not much has changed around there really. Still bustling and busy as ever!


I only had 3 nights in London but on one of them I had the opportunity to meet up with Kirstin McKee and Elsa Konig. I’m sure they’re fairly well known amongst a lot of you. Kirstin even brought along her SX70 this time (love shooting older cameras). As always, it was a good time just catching up and talking photography and this thing to do with photo processing… of which we will not name… haha.


Since I have already done reviews on the places that I have eaten in London before, I won’t go through that. Just going to have to wait until we get to Florence for that. That’s where I’m headed next!