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Melbourne, VIC

Les Petites Choses

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Welcoming an addition to our camera family, the Fujifilm X100S! This was a present to J so that we can snap pictures together when we are travelling in the near future. Besides, my heavy 5D Mark II and my lenses aren't for everyone. The camera looks gorgeous and it performs well too. It wasn't the easiest to get used to as the autofocus is no where near as quick as a DSLR but the quality and sharpness could put any SLR to shame.

Convinced? I am. But it's going to take some getting used to. I'm not used to using a camera that is so light ;) In all honesty, it is a great looking machine that performs impressively well in almost all conditions. Below is an example of what this camera outputs at 3200 ISO.

Not bad right? Well I think this camera has us convinced that it will stick with us as J's staple travel camera! Now it is time to find a good leather case... so many to choose from!