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Melbourne, VIC

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1. Specifications

·      The whole design is meant to replicate the Tiffany Soleste Emerald Cut design (see pictures below from the Tiffany’s website)

·      The final product should therefore be checked against the actual Tiffany Soleste Emerald Cut ring to see how it compares. Otherwise, how would one know if the final product compares to the design specifications?

·      If the final product does not look like the Tiffany Soleste Emerald Cut, then it is not right. 

  •  Ring
    • Main Diamond: No change at all – D, VVS2, 1.01ct, Emerald Cut
    • Ring Size: No Change at all - 2.75
    • Material: No change at all - 19K White Gold (that does not fade to yellow)
    • Ensure that the diamond has not been damaged throughout this process. If it has been, I expect a replacement of equal or better quality or a refund. 
  • Halo
    • Diamonds must be high quality D color
    • Size: The size of the diamonds is based on your judgement – the size proportions between the halo diamonds and the main diamond must be consistent with the Tiffany Soleste Emerald Cut design! The diamonds can't be too small or too big. 
    • Number: The number is also based on your professional judgement. Use as many as needed to fill the halo.
    • No gaps/lines between the diamonds (i.e. no “lines” between the halo diamond created by the white gold). If you look at the Tiffany Soleste Emerald design, the white gold on the halo does not appear visable. There are no gaps - no significant prongs. 
    • The halo and the setting MUST resemble the Soleste design as closely as possible. The previous designs have not met this criteria.
  • Shank
    • The width of the ring must be no more than 2mm
    • The edges should be slightly rounded as per the pictures below of the Soleste ring
    • The shank should resemble the Soleste shank as closely as possible. 
    • Diamonds must be high quality D color
    • Size: The size should be 1.7mm as per the previous design
    • Number: Just as many as needed to cover the top half of the ring (just like the Soleste design)  

2. Communication

·      Take pictures of the ring and the design and send them to me so that I can approve

·      Keep me up to date on the design process as often as possible

3. Timeline

·      You indicated 2 weeks are required to get this ring done correctly

·      Therefore, please have this ring complete and shipped by no later than September 27.

·      If this is not possible, you must let me know. This delay has caused me to cancel my proposal plans once. No more.